Monday, 30 December 2013

Most Viewed Posts On Breaking More Waves In 2013

The reasons why people view Breaking More Waves are many and varied. Some come here whilst searching for “Ellie Goulding naked,” and leave disappointed never to return, whilst nearly 300 people have reached a Lana Del Rey post whilst searching for "Lana Del Rey's lips." Others such as regular readers come via an RSS subscription. 

The amount of traffic any one blog post is going to get is never predictable. For example when a multi-million selling worldwide famous band linked to Breaking More Waves via Facebook and their official website because we’d written a piece about a new act who were due to support them we had a deluge of hits for a few days, yet before that the post had attracted no more than a couple of hundred views. Sometimes some of the discussion pieces we post get shared across the internet via social media and generate large quantities of readers, whilst other times these posts don’t seem to click with people and fall by the wayside. 

Thankfully as Breaking More Waves is a fully unfunded and independent blog (and intends to remain so) ultimately the choice of what we write about has nothing to do with how much traffic it is likely to generate, but has everything to do with the music we’re enjoying and the thoughts inside our head. Sounds Good To Me Too once described Breaking More Waves as being a window into the inner workings into our mind and we’d thoroughly agree with this. We love the fact that when people who have read the blog meet us for the first time they normally say ‘you’re just like your blog’, which when you think about it, isn’t that surprising is it? 

So today, here are the posts from 2013 that from our head out into the internet have become the most read (or at least most viewed) posts this year – all with links in case you want to up their view count further. Yes, an Ellie Goulding remix was (just) our most viewed post of 2013, make of that what you will, although our inner geek is very happy that a blog post about how we file our pretty huge music collection attracted plenty of attention.

Ellie Goulding – Burn (Maths Time Joy Remix) (July 2013)

Lorde – New Waves (March 2013)

How Do You Organise Your Music Collection (A Geeky Blog Post) (October 2013) 

Some Random Thoughts On The Spotify / Thom Yorke Debate (July 2013)

UK Blog Sound of 2014 (December 2013)

* For the record, here's the least viewed post on the blog this year. (Click here)

**Note – The graph above shows a basic representation of the increase in page views to Breaking More Waves from its inception in 2008 to just a few days before now. It's nice that people read the bollocks we write, if absolutely nobody did it would be a pointless exercise. However, even if there was only a tiny handful of readers we'd still do this, because ultimately Breaking More Waves gives us a hell of a lot of self indulgent pleasure. 

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Matt said...

Keep up the good work Robin. Love it. Oh, and thanks for the link. Everyone loves a link.