Sunday, 29 December 2013

Chlöe Howl - Rumour (Videos)

At one point in 2013 we wondered what the plan for Chlöe Howl was. After the early 'tastemaker releases' of No Strings and Rumour at the start of the year things seemed to be all going in the right direction. Come summer No Strings got a re-release, and was marketed as her first official single. Then everything seemed to go a bit quiet. Now bear in mind that Chlöe had been launched to the internet around the same time that London Grammar first came on everyone’s radar, it appears that with Chlöe things were taking a lot longer to really ramp up to speed.  London Grammar have spent 2013 pushing out single after single, playing larger and larger shows and releasing a successful debut album. Yet with just 1 official single to her name and to the outside eye, not a lot else happening, there was even a suggestion that Chlöe might have stalled.

Then suddenly there was Paper Heart, an 8/10 pop song with an 8.5/10 video. Things were back on track. Since then she’s cropped up on lots of Ones to Watch / Sound of 2014 type lists including the BBC Sound of 2014 (smug alert - ours was one of the first), bagged a nomination on the Brits Critics awards and everything looks golden again.

Which brings us back again to Rumour. Having decided one re-release wasn’t enough her label are now due to have another bash with this song next year. Rumour is of course a gossip-fuelled pop scorcher and worthy of worming its way into as many airwaves and earways as possible, but what we really want is some bona fide new material. Come on Chlöe, we love the fact you're being a tease, but we know you’ve got the likes of This Song’s Not About You and Drop In The Ocean hidden away somewhere. We’d like to hear those please.

For now though, we’ll settle for Rumour, which has a new weird chess playing video and is still another very good 8/10 pop song. There's also a rather fine acoustic version of the song recorded for Vevo which you can find below.

Chlöe Howl - Rumour (Video)

Chlöe Howl - Rumour (Acoustic Video)

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Chris said...

In case you missed it... This Song's Not About You is now available for free on Amazon as part of their New for 2014 feature :)