Monday, 23 December 2013

Songs From Santa's Sack #3 - Kate Nash - I Hate You This Christmas

Yo-ho-ho! Gawd, why do I always have to say that? I mean it’s not that I even bloody mean it. I feel as jolly as a man who has had his private parts bitten off by a reindeer. Why? 'Cos whilst all you lot are sitting on your arses stuffin’ yourself with food, me and the elves are bustin’ a gut to get all the presents and shizzle to you on time, whatever the weather, wherever you are in the world. I f*cking hate Christmas come to think of it.

Thankfully I met this lady the other day who seems to think the same as me. The Nashster has got a new Christmas EP out which she calls Have Faith With Kate Nash This Christmas, but this song I Hate You This Christmas captures the real spirit of Christmas. Basically it involves Kate gettin' plastered at the office Christmas do then nipping round her boyfriend’s for a bit of pre-Christmas how’s yer father, only to find ‘im shagging one of her mates. Dirty bastard. Ho ho ho, now that’s what I call Christmas, sharing the love around and a racket of post-punk-pop all in under three minutes. Oh and it includes excellent use of the lyric candy c*nt. Nice work Kate. Even better work her boyfriend. Happy Christmas one and all. Yo-ho-ho!

Kate Nash - I Hate You This Christmas

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