Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Songs From Santa's Sack #4 - Layla - Winter, You Tease

Me again. Yep old Santa’s still ‘ere, cruising round in his sleigh, his sack still bulging, looking for some action – and what action I’ve found. It’s from another one of those charity albums and this one is put together by Daisy Digital, the rather jolly good music blog that always makes our mince pies feel warm. It’s called It’s Coming On Christmas.

For just £5 you get 21 Christmas songs straight onto your computer or even one of those new fangled mobile devices that seem all the rage these days. More importantly all the proceeds from this record go to CoppaFeel! a charity that educates young people on the importance of checking their boobs regularly and knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. 

From It's Coming On Christmas I’m featuring the opening ditty, Winter, You Tease by Layla – it’s a cracker! Don’t just take old Santa’s word for it though – press play and see for yourself. Now we all like a good tease don’t we kids? I’ve got Mrs Claus one of those sexy Santa negligee’s for her special Christmas present and hopefully I’ll be able to tease her out of it later. Yo ho ho. Christmas can be such fun can’t it?

So enjoy the music, but bloody well buy the whole album as well (from Daisy Digital on the link above) OK? Now I’m off to roast me nuts over the fire, they’re gettin’ chilly up here in Lapland and Mrs Claus doesn't like 'em cold when she puts 'em in her mouth.

Layla - Winter, You Tease

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