Saturday 28 December 2013

Låpsley - New Waves

Whilst the opportunity for long-term careers and significant monetary gain for many musicians may have been destroyed by modern technology and internet, for others it has created the chance to create and be heard in a fashion that is far simpler than it ever has been before.

17 year old Liverpool based Holly Lapsley Fletcher aka Låpsley is a prime example of that. She’s been uploading tracks to the internet for the last half a year, starting with songs built around simple acoustic guitar loops before progressing to pieces that mix ambient, house and downtempo electronica. Whilst some of these tracks sound like Låpsley is still finding her musical feet, (although with 45,000 plays on Soundcloud in 2 months Pick Me Up finds her standing strong) it’s with Station, a new track uploaded on Christmas Eve, that things seem to have really fallen into place. The song’s calm caress and velvety minimalism provides the backing to an unnamed 'co-vocalist' of sorts who brings a touch of soul to this chilled gem. In just over the three minutes of Station Låpsley shows us how electronic music can make something disarmingly beautiful. A sleek spell has been cast.

Låpsley - Station

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