Sunday, 22 December 2013

Songs From Santa's Sack #1 - Orbital - Christmas Chime

“Alright kiddies? It’s Santa here. F*cking ho ho ho from the North Pole. Hope you’re all gettin’ ready for to me come and slide down your old chimney with my massive old sack. It’s bulging bigger than ever before. 

Now remember, when I arrive, forget about leaving a bloody mince pie out for me, I can’t stand the ‘orrible things, just top up that sherry glass, alright? Even better, just leave old Father Christmas the whole bloody bottle and I’ll see you right and stuff your stocking with a few surprises. And remember, no holly round your fireplace, I prefer a smooth entry OK?

Right, as you can probably tell I’ve grabbed hold of the reins of Breaking More Waves for the last few days leading up to the big day to bring you some of my favourite tunes that I’ve been DJing at the annual Lapland toy workshop Christmas party that have got the elves twerkin’ with the turkey. It wasn’t a pretty sight. So sit back and enjoy as I crack one out each day up to Christmas, starting with this from baldy rave-heads Orbital. The lazy f*ckers couldn’t be bothered to write a new tune for Christmas though could they? Oh no, the techno-king w*nkers just flicked the switch on Chime to bells and pissed off down the pub. Christmas time? Or Christmas Chime? Actually that’s bloody genius. Oi Orbital, wait for me, I’m comin’ with you, double brandy ya f*ckers….”

Orbital - Christmas Chime

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