Sunday, 22 December 2013

Pris - The Safety Dance (Video)

Remember Pris? The lipstick, glitter, leopard print, cool as f*ck power punk pop band from London who took healthy slices of references from early Manic Street Preachers, Kenickie and Shampoo and splashed their vivid generation sex colour spray all over it?

At the time when they featured on the blog a fair few times we’d already dreamt up how the band’s life would go. First there would be a collection of sassy angry riot girl infused singles, stinking beautifully of vitriol and punch. Then a deliriously noisy and journo baiting lo-fi bastard pop EP would follow. Then they’d glam up their sound, get a major label record deal, record a big glossy chart topping album with three killer singles and one that would flop abysmally, before the inevitable split after one final chaotic gig. From here Pris would become every underground cool kids favourite cult band (especially in Japan) until twenty years later they’d be referenced by the latest big American rock band in an interview, have one of their songs featured on an advert for a new perfume and finally reform for one shambolic but somehow scintillating reunion show in some dodgy pub in London. It would of course all be bloody brilliant.

That was our Pris fantasy. 

The reality was they just seem to disappear before they even got that EP or the major label deal. We assumed it was Pris RIP.

But now they’re back. Guitars are for the moment ditched, pouting however is still very much part of their raison d'être. 

Pris mark their return with a cover. Men Without Hats scored a one off UK top 10 hit in 1983 with The Safety Dance (an album Rhythm of Youth made it to number 96 for just 1 week after the single). The video was probably one of the most incredible / horrendous (delete as appropriate) things you’ve ever seen with more waistcoats than Mumford & Sons could dream of, pole dancing (the maypole sort) and a dancing dwarf. Now Pris give their take on it which doesn’t contain any of the above but does (as the band stated in a tweet to Breaking More Waves) have arses and knee high socks.

Let’s hope that this is just the start of things to come. Maybe there’s still a hope of our dream coming true. 

Pris - The Safety Dance

*This is the final standard new music post on Breaking More Waves till after Christmas. But up to and including the 25th itself, the big man will be along. Listen carefully and you might be able to hear his sleigh bells in the distance. Get ready as Santa unloads his musical sack on Breaking More Waves, starting later today.

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