Saturday, 21 December 2013

00000000 - New Waves

We’ve always enjoyed a bit of pretentiousness in pop. After all if we don’t have bands with big ideas and schemes of importance in their heads all we’d be left with is those that celebrate the banal and the normal and that would be very boring. We want artists to take us to new places, indulge us in fantasies and bring colour to our world or at least to try - even if they fail.

It could have gone either way with London 5 piece 00000000. After all, their name seems to almost suggest that as artists they are nothing, which doesn’t really give us a lot to endorse them. However, the statement that came with their music suggested that 00000000 have some sort of vision. “We're living in the age of the individual. Our culture tells us that we're distinct autonomous economic units all out for ourselves and the only way to get ahead is by going it alone. 00000000 is band that chooses to believe that this is not true. They believe that we are greater when we come together and that it's only when we join forces that we can change the world. Join us.” Or maybe we could just reword that as ‘we like being in a band, have a listen’, but even if that is all they mean, the fact that they’ve made being in a band sound exciting ticks our boxes.

So to the music. 00000000's debut track Sweetness is a toweringly good piece of post-rock pop. Of course post-rock and pop aren’t two genre’s that you’d mesh together, after all we can’t imagine The Saturdays jamming with Explosions In The Sky (although we’d pay good money to see that) but bear with us on this. It’s weird and experimental and certainly not an instant gratifier, but at its heart, under the coiling noise, 00000000 seem to have a valley straddling sense of melody that takes you on a journey through the bliss and haze. Big statements, big music. Welcome to the world of 00000000

00000000 - Sweetness (Demo)

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