Sunday, 20 November 2011

[Strangers] - Promises (Curxes Remix)

Today we would like to invite you to a wedding. It’s the musical marriage of stern synths, industrial clanks and smart 80’s referencing pop sensibilities. Welcome to the marriage of [Strangers] and Curxes, two bands that have been courting on the blog with some regularity. Like a plug finding a socket and thousands of volts of dark electropop coursing through the wires of a robot body, this is an empowering remix where neither band overshadows the other.

What we’re particularly enjoying about Curxes remixes (the other one out there – Worship’s House of Glass you can find here) is that they follow very much their own template. There’s no dubstep wobbles or attempts at hands in the air builds to please the masses on the dance floor. This is a duo that take their own influences and vision and apply it to create their own courtly drama of the matrimony.

[Strangers] play the Electricity Showrooms in London on November 24 and Curxes play Club Fandango at The Bull & Gate in London on November 30. They also support 80’s minor league synthpop stars Blancmange at the Komedia in Brighton the day before the Bull & Gate show.

Promises (Curxes Remix) by [STRANGERS]

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