Monday, 14 November 2011

Music That Made Me #42 - Nicola Roberts - Beat Of My Drum

Over the last 42 weeks I’ve featured blog posts written in the first person that nostalgically remind me of some of the past musical glories from my life. Some of the songs I chose haven’t been played or even thought about for years, it was only when writing this series and exploring the dim cobweb filled corridors of my brain that the songs were remembered. Some of them I will probably never choose to play again. They stood for a moment, a memory, a person, a place, or a feeling and then they were gone. Some however will stick around like lasting friends.

So what have I learnt through writing these posts? Apart from realising that I have woeful taste in music sometimes, (like ex-partners, the songs seemed outrageously good at the time) I’ve also learnt that looking back at the past is fun once in a while, but it doesn’t excite me in the same way that the present or future does. Like a relationship, what keeps me alive, what raises the spirits, is not resting on the past. The past forms a foundation, but for the relationship to grow and develop it has to evolve, change and offer up new possibilities and passions. Otherwise it becomes stale and tired, lacking the zest and the sparkle that is out there.

There are 42 posts in this series. The reason for this? I am 42 years old. Yet, even now, when I hear a new piece of music that moves me I get a rush of excitement just the same as when I was still 16. It’s why I write this blog – to share some of the music that gives me that rush.

This series may be called Music That Made Me, but what is really important to me is the music that is making me, right here right now.

It’s why this final post features a song from this year. It's a song that isn't cool, isn't critically acclaimed, but it fits perfectly with my world. There’s a place for nostalgia and many my age trade on it. However, after 42 posts of Music That Made Me, I’ve had enough of it. Let’s learn from the past, but let’s move forward as well, with quite simply, my favourite pop song of 2011. L.O.V.E it.

A full list of all the songs (good and bad) featured in this series and links to the blog posts will be posted later today.

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