Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ones to Watch 2012 - #3 Alabama Shakes

Our third ones to watch for 2012 are Alabama Shakes, from Athens, Alabama, USA. If there’s a thread linking some of the artists on our 2012 list, it’s that more than one of them take classic, retro sounds and bring them fully loaded into our modern world and none more so than Alabama Shakes. Formerly just known as The Shakes this band bring straight up sweat, blues, soul and southern rock ‘n’ roll with knee trembling, gut bursting vocals from one Brittany Howard (pictured above) and in places a hint of the good parts of Kings of Leon. Hell, imagine if this lady went on X-Factor. The judges would probably wet themselves in fear.

Alabama Shakes are as raw, real and unbelievably good as any new band out there and will be making their way to the UK in 2012 on the back of a record deal with Rough Trade records. The groups first show is at The Boston Arms in London on February 22. If you live within 200 miles we recommend you bag yourself a ticket.

I Found You - Alabama Shakes EP

You Ain't Alone - Alabama Shakes EP


Scryst said...

Awesome band . Thanks.

CURXES said...

Really liking these guys.