Thursday, 17 November 2011

No Ceremony/// - Deliverus

No Ceremony/// are not only sitting behind a wall of fog in terms of their ‘mystery band’ status but also apply the shroud to new song Deliverus that dropped onto the internet earlier this week. Despite the gentle clarity of the guitars that weave the track together, the overall impression is of drifting out into the middle of a misty lake where sighs of ghosts breathe slow weary caresses against your ears.

If that all sounds like pretentious baloney, it probably is, but we’re not apologising – that’s the images that came into our brain when listening to the music. If music (and music writing) wasn’t occasionally pretentious it would be a very dull and beige world.

After the similarities between Hurtlove and Wearme, Deliverus suggests that not only is No Ceremony/// not just a one trick pony, but that he/she/they/ it are an act that may be able to deliver a long player that could have some value beyond blog hype. Only time will tell, but the chance is there for the taking.



Orion Satori said...

Really pretty song, but they murdered it in the mastering process. Lots of distortion that shouldn't be in there. Their peaks went way over.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

I have a suspicion the distortion is meant to be there... (but I don't know for sure...)