Monday, 7 November 2011

Factory Floor - Two Different Ways

For most bands practically clearing a venue of its audience whilst you play would be the stuff of nightmares. The music of Factory Floor is the stuff of nightmares, albeit the most glorious, rhythmic disco-din type of nightmare that, given the right headspace, you will really want to experience. Frankly we’d rather have exposure to this any evening than some pathetically romantic wet dream that leaves an apologetic stain afterwards. And so it was earlier this year when at Leicester’s Summer Sundae festival Factory Floor put the ‘rave’ in the word ‘grave’ and buried any hopes or aspirations of them connecting with a mainstream audience who were looking forward to the likes of Example or McFly. As sequenced layers of repetitive electronics aggressively flooded over the rapidly dwindling crowd, those who stayed witnessed one of the most hypnotic and hallucinogenic sets witnessed at any festival this summer.

Now here’s an example of Factory Floor's pulverising and stupendous sound. Two Different Ways is released on November 14 on DFA records. It’s a brain melting menagerie of post-industrial-post-acid-house rhythms that takes you into a dark strobe lit room, shoves its tongue hard down your throat and reaches straight for your groin. This isn’t the soundtrack to feeling good about yourself, this is the soundtrack to utterly losing yourself in the moment and to hell with the consequences. If you like it hard, rough and dirtily sexy this is for you.


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