Friday, 11 November 2011

League - How Do I Know

Back in February we featured a new duo called League. The back story was something along the lines of an architecture and journalism student who dropped out of college, choosing to live in a tent on the beach and make music, which sounds very romantic but frankly if we were their parents we’d probably be very cross. “Don’t you know that new bands aren’t making any money from music these days you two idiots? Now architecture on the other hand, there’s a fine profession; plans, elevations, dealing with planning officers, contract administration, project management, site supervision, leaving your stamp on the world whilst getting paid a fine salary. Now stop being lazy bums and get back to college.”

Thankfully, we’re not the parents of League, who have been dabbling away and come up with the How Do I Know EP – a three tracker of psychedelic surf pop. It’s the lead track from the EP that has our love the most, with its scabrous ball-grabbing synth line and hazy vocals. It’s the sound of your young before-you parents smoking a load of drugs and dancing naked in the sunshine before they got boring, got mortgages and got you. Responsibility sucks sometimes, we need bands like League to remind us of this fact.

HOW DO I KNOW by League

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