Sunday, 2 October 2011

No Ceremony/// - Wearme

The pianocore soundscape of Hurtlove by No Ceremony/// got a number of bloggers all flustered with excitement a while back (we even added to the buzz ourselves a little). So the one question besides the mystery group / who are they puzzle is what will they do next?

The answer appears to be to release virtually the same track again – it’s called Wearme. There’s basically the same ghostly piano chords, the same lumbering beat and the same snatches of out-there vocal that leads onto another question. “Are they taking the p*ss?” Well if they are, we have no problem with that, because we liked Hurtlove and therefore if this track is so similar to the previous one, based on the music and the music alone we have to like this one. How these two tracks would fit in the context of an album is another matter - would maybe these two compositions mould seamlessly into each other before gradually evolving into something else as one long singular body of work?

You can download the track from the No Ceremony/// website for free and watch the slightly chilling visuals below.

But then we’re back to the first question ‘what will they do next?’ Because rather like having sex with the same person in the same position at the same time in the same place every time, eventually no matter how good it is, it will eventually get boring.


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