Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Stay+ - Fever

Manchester duo Stay+ (formerly known as Christian Aids until they received a trademark infringement notice from the charity ) are an outfit that, despite being very leftfield, have done all the right things to have a vague outsiders chance of getting on the various ‘tastemakers’ lists that come out at the end of the year and beginning of next. They’ve had significant blog buzz since they first cropped up with a demo on Altered Zones in January, plus they have managed to retain an enigmatic sense of brooding dancehall mystery with their foreboding ghost-rave sound and early lack of identification (even although now the cat is out of the bag and one of their number has been revealed as a former member of idiosyncratic electronic pop band Run Toto Run (R.I.P) ). With selective live slots, some way-cool remixes and the gradual build in online coverage leading to articles in the printed media, Stay+ may have just done enough to get enough exposure to at least put themselves in the mind set of those who vote or compile such lists.

Irrespective of tastemaker lists or not however what is important is the creative output of Stay+. For Breaking More Waves the jury has been out for a long time, but it has recently returned and after much deliberation has issued a verdict of not-guilty for crimes against music. In fact their track Fever, a haunted journey of ghoulish ambience and lost-in-echo vocals that eventually detonates into a vibed up twitchy electronic groove has us sold completely. The accompanying reverse story night-gone-wrong video is also a consummate actualisation of the music as well. Consider us impressed, if slightly disturbed.

Fever is released as a single on November 7 through Ramp Recordings.

Fever by Stay+

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