Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sunday Girl - Love U More

It’s fair to say that rave / house band Sunscreem have probably done reasonably well out of their 1992 hit Love U More in terms of financial payback. Besides their own chart success it’s been covered by the likes of anti-music provocateurs Steps and Basshunter. Now Sunday Girl has given it a shot.

Remember Sunday Girl? We’ve put a picture of her above with Jarvis Cocker. Sunday Girl is the one on the left, just in case you need help there.

Jade (for that is her real name) was getting quite a lot of action from bloggers last year. No nudge nudge wink wink smiles at that statement please – you knew what we meant, but your deviant sexual brain just couldn’t help itself could it? OK, we admit that in a past blog we may have suggested (i.e. lied) that Sunday Girl got her name from providing weekend sexual satisfaction to the blog community and as a result we’re just as low-level. But please remember that it’s all for your pleasure and entertainment, because let’s face it there’s just too many blogs taking themselves far too seriously and being far too up their own thesaurus referencing backsides aren’t there?


But instead of alienating ourselves from our blog-brothers and sisters, (we love them all really, except the Von Pip Express, because he sounds like a second rate Ringo Starr and nobody wants that) let’s talk about the music instead. Now where we?

Yes, Sunday Girl. She had quite some buzz around her didn’t she? Some were predicting her for all the tip lists such as the BBC Sound of 2011, but it didn’t happen. Since then she seems to have disappeared off the tastemaker-radar but now she’s thrusting herself back under it with this cover after a change of labels. If the ‘illustrious’ likes of Steps and Basshunter don’t strike fear into your hearts then things could get potentially worse when you hear that she’s going to be supporting LOLpop disasters LMFAO on their UK tour dates. Don’t worry though music lovers, we’ll be down at the venues with a gun, putting those in attendance out of their misery and pain. It’s the only humane way.

So here’s the twist. Sunday Girl’s version of Love U More is OK. It’s not innovative, it’s certainly not ground-breaking, but a straightforward (rock journos use the word ‘honest’ at this point), club bound rave pop song (you can see it in the video below and hear a remix from RAC in the Soundcloud player). Welcome back Sunday Girl - back on the radar for commercial pop success in 2012 maybe? This song is released for purchase on December 5.

*Footnote. Not everything you read on the internet is true. Especially where it concerns people who through no fault of their own speak like The Beatles. The gun thing just might be though.

Sunday Girl - Love U More (RAC Mix)

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Anonymous said...

If you don't mind Liz Kershaw called me John Lennon so it's a step up now. Poor Ringo eh ? Even sounding like a dead Beatle is preferable.

Now if you don't mind I've got some Thomas The Tank Engine voice overs to complete. The Fat Controller is a harsh and unforgiving task master.