Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Saturday Surf #22

The internet is full of hate isn’t it? People seem so much angrier here than they do in real life. It’s a shame because we’re all here for such a short time we should be sharing the love not making war. That’s what our aim is, to provide you with some hot, get-down and take-your-clothes-off-free-musical-loving. Please form an orderly queue and prepare yourself for the Saturday Surf, because by the time you hear these tunes you’ll be feeling moist and ready for action.

Dreams - OooO

Oh man. OooO sounds like an orgasm. And we haven’t even got started. Dreams is one Jesse Pimenta who claims to be from the town of Chillville, USA. Yeah, right. His Facebook suggests he's from Rio de Janiero, Brazil - we don't believe that either. He's probably from Ipswich. He does however sound like Starslinger - that's a fact. This sample based piece of electronic beat laden sexy blog-pop gets straight down to it, nuzzling in against you and making you realise that resistance is futile. Horny jamz. Welcome to the erection section.

OooO by Dreams.

Bear Cavalry – Custom Hands

Next up on this musical love machine is a band that are the indie rock version of the kama sutra – so full of inventive (often chaotic) ideas, that you really don’t know what they will do next. With titles like Will Smith Solves the Rubik’s Cube and David Attenborough’s Voice providing genre straddling songs that slam trumpets, angular rhythmic guitars and tropical carnival chanting (wait until 1.50 for that) into an orgiastic melee of hotbed oddness, entertainment is guaranteed. Even lank-haired emo-gone-dubstep producer Skrillex has used the groups’ acoustic cover of his song Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites on one of his videos gaining 370,000 views on You Tube. Possibly better than that, the band hail from the same part of the world as Breaking More Waves, meaning that for once we get to post about a band from the Portsmouth area – a rare thing. Prepare for a musical rodgering from Bear Cavalry.

Custom Hands by Bear Cavalry

Ren Harvieu - Forever In Blue

And after all that sweaty boffing around, you might just want to slow it all down and make it a little bit more candlelit romantic through the night. In which case this gentle torch-song, Forever In Blue by Ren Harvieu will do just the trick - it's like the ultimate seduction scene in a James Bond movie. With nostalgic 60's overtones of Dionne Warwick and Shirley Bassey, it probably won't be long before Ren Harvieu gets called Britain's answer to Lana Del Rey, but without all the authenticity arguments.

Forever In Blue by Ren Harvieu

Wild Child – Pillow Talk

And when all that musical coitus is complete, what could be better than laying back and enjoying some pillow talk with the one you love. Here’s one of the ones we’ve been loving hugely this week. Yes we know, we’re a bit slutty, humping and dumping all these musicians, but god we’ve had such satisfaction from it. We’re hoping this beautiful song performed by Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins who are Wild Child will touch you as much as it did us. Imagine if Slow Club grabbed a ukulele and went to the good ‘ole U.S.A. This would be the result.

Pillow Talk by WildChildSounds

There, was that good for you? Same place next week? This musical rumpy-pumpy should be compulsory.

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