Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Saturday Surf #15

The original concept of The Saturday Surf was to round up the loose ends at the weekend – giving a little bit of exposure to tracks that we’ve been enjoying but not had time to give a full blog post to. This concept of course assumes that there are enough good tracks to go round, that we’ve managed to discover them and that we are actually around at the end of the week to write about them. Yet with summer festivals, holidays and the real world getting in the way of internet time, this Saturday Surf finds itself being written and readied for publishing well before the weekend with very little time to make new discoveries. Thankfully we’ve managed to find three, so without further ado here they are.

Outfit – Two Islands

It’s fair to say that Outfit have nearly become one of the buzz bands du jour in the world of UK indie bloggers. Until now they haven’t impressed Breaking More Waves at all but this track Two Islands does the trick, starting all quietly shy and then gradually creeping up to smother you in layers of gliding guitar and subtle groove. It gets released on 7” clear vinyl in September through the equally buzzy Double Denim records.

Two Islands by OUTFIT

No Ceremony /// - Hurtlove

Now here’s something curious from the leftfield. A confident piano riff, warped alien pitch-shifted underwater vocals and a simple growing beat create something that sounds like the soundtrack to a druggy road movie. The track has a distorted mystery to it that’s both creepy and strangely infectious. If we were going to classify it as a genre we’d call it pianocore. It landed in a whole host of bloggers in boxes last Wednesday, including ours, with no explanation about who created it, although there are rumours of a Manchester connection. You can download the track for free here. And what are those /// about ?


Shura – River

Finally something more late night and downbeat after the journey home. In fact night is the operative word, for Shura describe this music as Night Folk, in the same way that another Breaking More Waves regular Alpines describe their music as Night Pop. This is the inner calm after coming in out of the rain. Find someone to curl up with and spend the rest of the darkness listening to this. River defines beauty and in this case that beauty is free to download.


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