Friday, 7 October 2011

Kal Lavelle - New Waves

Kal Lavelle is not 100% new to Breaking More Waves. We’ve already featured her in a preview of Southsea Fest and then mentioned her in the review as well, however those couple of sentences don’t really do Lavelle justice, so we’re going to add some more.

Lavelle is an Irish born singer songwriter now living in London. At the time of writing she has no management, no record label and no PR company pushing her out into the world. Yet she already has nearly 3,000 twitter followers, has bagged an iTunes single of the week and has contributed guest vocals to Artful (Dodger's) track Could Just Be The Bassline (video below). So how is she doing all this? Quite simply, because she has talent and is connecting with her fans; talent that is slowly being recognised wherever she plays. She has a strident voice, full of potent subtleties that creep up on you. Go and see her live and it seems as if she is slowly sucking all the air in the room into her lungs as her set progresses before expelling them in a vocal that veers between smooth beauty and gutsy heart-torn-apart soulfulness.

It’s Lavelle’s talent that has also led to her bagging a number of support slots with Ed Sheeran, who she has grown to know through a circle of like-minded singer songwriters. This autumn she will be back in her homeland playing some more support slots with the ginger-haired chart topper. More twitter followers will surely follow.

You can hear some of that talent below. Shivers is all serious, solid and infatuated sounding. “I’m not a fool I know you’re trouble, but I can’t fight the inevitable,” she enthrals – it can surely only end in disaster. In fact it does exactly that with another sad song called … ahem … Disaster. “We sleep in the same bed but there’s an invisible line that goes down the middle almost every night and we don’t even touch when we sleep anymore,” she sings in this tears-on-the-pillow song about the loss of passion. It’s goosebumps and watery eyes stuff. However for those who think that listening to Kal Lavelle is going to all be an endurance test of slash-your-wrists heaviness, Breakfast At Tiffany’s (no not a cover of the 1996 no.1 hit for Deep Blue Something) has a lighter touch, which reminds us a little in places of Emmy The Great with a pop heart.

There’s been very little blog coverage of Kal Lavelle to date, yet she’s picking up fans at a rate that many blog-buzz bands could only dream of. So we’re putting a little bit of her onto the blogosphere; quite simply because her talent deserves it.

Shivers - Kal Lavelle

Breakfast At Tiffany's - Kal Lavelle

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