Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Thrushes - Trees (Video)

Thrushes are not a new band and Trees is not a new song, being the opening track to their 2010 LP Night Falls. However this video is, having cropped up a couple of days ago online. It’s impossibly appealing and romantically beautiful.

Two girls search for a buried treasure in a sun-drenched and abandoned water park in the middle of nowhere. There’s something very free spirited about their adventure and yet there’s also something sad about the desolate and broken park. The subtitled line “I’ll etch my name into the sky to make sure everyone knows I was here for a while,” is quite possibly our favourite line we’ve 'heard' this year; it’s so perfectly unrestrained that it’s difficult not to fall in love with the girls. In fact we think we have.

The songs a cracker as well; pop hooks meet noise-gaze guitars meet female vocals in a raw and delightful clash of passion.

If you’ve never heard of Thrushes before, it might just be time to get acquainted.

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