Tuesday, 18 October 2011

M83 - Midnight City (Video)

There’s something particularly exuberant about the synth sounds on M83’s new single Midnight City, something so stupidly happy that despite the woes of the world, everything seems just perfect. Hell, since the song surfaced on the internet even UK inflation has reached a new 3 year high. David Cameron didn’t need drugs to take it to that peak – he was probably just listening to this music. Even the saxophone solo can’t bring this track down; believe it or not it actually makes it better.

Having featured this deliriously good trailblazer on the Saturday Surf a few weeks back, we now have this video. Directed by French duo Fleur & Manu the film features a group of spooky children who have supernatural powers; its 80’s Spielberg styled imagery fits perfectly.

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