Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Swimming - New Waves

Learning of a new band and hearing their music for the first time is like going on a first date. The butterflies in your stomach, the tingling excitement of what is to come, the anticipation of the newness of it all, it’s these things rather than the actuality of the person you’re going to meet or band you’re going to hear that set the heart pulsing a little quicker.

Sometimes on those first dates those heightened emotions and expectations can lead to starry eyed blindness and we’re not talking about Ellie Goulding here, although it seems that some bloggers fell out with her pretty quickly - maybe the lust made them blind and they expected something that she was never going to deliver. It’s the same with music. The flaws and imperfections in quality can be overlooked in the momentary rush. Three years on the words “what was I thinking,” can pound in your head like a bitter divorcee. We’ve all done it – ending up romping passionately in a musical bed with an artist that in the light of day we wouldn’t even invite back for coffee. But hey, it was fun whilst it lasted and life is to be enjoyed not deeply analysed and worried about - saying no to everything on the subjective basis that it might not last isn’t going to get you anywhere. Otherwise we’d probably never experience or hear anything new.

If we look back at this blog there are certain artists that we bubbled with excitement at then, but now wonder about our state of mind at that time. Yet thankfully the quota of these first-date-gone-wrongs is pretty low.

So here’s a new date. We call them new waves, but with these waves you can jump right in as they’re called Swimming. We have no idea what we’ll think in six months or six years time about them. But we like them now.

Swimming is John, Peter, Andrew, Jonathon and Blake. They hail from Nottingham. That’s really all the facts you need for the first date. You should be listening to the music not reading the waffled garbage we write about music-and-sex-and-actually-how-the-two-are-completely-related-and-one-day-before-you-know-it-this-blog-will-have-turned-into-a pure-sex-blog-with-just-the-odd-reference-to-music. It’s slightly oddball synth based indie that floats in space. Upcoming single Neutron Wireless Crystal distances itself from the crowd in a rather good way with a hooky chorus and a sense that the band could be on to something in the same way that a good proportion of people thought that MGMT were onto something, when really it seems they were just on something.

Stop reading, start listening, possibly start musical snogging. Neutron Wireless Crystal is out Oct 16. The band play the Lexington in London this Thursday.

Swimming - Neutron Wireless Crystal

Swimming - Neutron Wireless Crystal (Trenchurian remix)

Swimming - Mining For Diamonds

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