Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Stornoway - Unfaithful

From the pastoral pop of previous single Zorbing, Stornoway take a big step up with Unfaithful, their new single released this week. Unfaithful lacks the immediate pop sensibility of their previous single, but instead kisses with harder sounds and melodies that spiral and soar creating a mountainous imprint. With uplifting strings and a country blues guitars, Unfaithful sounds like late eighties indie folk nothings turned nineties stadium heroes James at their best. “No one ever said this would be problem free, but it never crossed my mind you would be unfaithful to me,” sings vocalist Brian Briggs, his honesty sounding crushingly sad but also strangely celebratory.

Unfaithful is powerful, tender and strikes affection in our hearts. Stornoway remain on track to becoming one of our favourite new bands.

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