Monday, 28 September 2009

Slow Club - Trophy Room

There’s a lot more to Slow Club than you might catch on first listen. One of their most endearing qualities is their subtle interplay with words and often very witty humour. Slow Club come across very much as the kind of band that on one hand take what they do very seriously; with good and ever developing song writing combined with piles of passion when they play live. Yet on the other hand seem to take the whole thing with a pinch of salt and a good deal of couldn’t care less joviality. If this is correct, it’s a good place to be, comedy and humour being a level headed way to keep things both grounded on the highs as well as up on the lows.

This humour is readily apparent on the video for the new Slow Club single Trophy Room which is released on 12th October through Moshi Moshi. Here Slow Club joke at themselves and the idea of bands wanting public recognition through huge You Tube hits. We love it when Charles states through subtitles “MTV only plays us at an hour that nobody watches,“ and Rebecca replies “Well some people watch them, my mum watches them.” Then Charles adds “Yeah but it isn’t gonna go viral is it?” It’s charming, inventive and pretty damn funny. In fact unless you have your multi tasking head on it is easy to forget to listen to the song which the video promoting, it's so funny.

So listen in because Trophy Room by Slow Club is a rather brilliant piece of lonely primeval delicate folk punk structured thrash that by the end will have you bouncing off walls, sweating and lusting for a shag with whoever walks through the door next. Make it go viral folks.

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