Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Sound Of Arrows - Into The Clouds Remix

Earlier this month we introduced the remarkable Swedish sugary high camp that is The Sound Of Arrows in a blog here. Now courtesy of those good people at Neon Gold Records the cola cube electronic duo have put out a video remix. Yes, that’s right, Into The Clouds has been remixed so the band thought it deserved a different video. This time The Sound Of Arrows have spliced and cut up footage from the 1985 film Explorers and the 1986 film The Boy Who Could Fly and the remixers have given it an electronic high camp beat that sounds more Pet Shop Boys than the Pet Shop Boys themselves. Then just as things are getting a little too obvious the mix dissolves into a dubious anolgue synth workout that harks back to the era of eighties soft rock, with just a sprinkle of Physical by Olivia Newton John added to both the melody and rhythm. This is surely about as ostentatious as things can get. The people to blame or salute, depending on your perspective are Fear Of Tigers who have also created remixes for Visitors and Infadels.

The remix makes us cringe and smile in equal measure, and in a couple of years time we will wonder 'what were they thinking' but right now if it makes you grin and tap your feat you can order the remix on 12” vinyl from Pure Groove Pure Groove.

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