Sunday, 6 September 2009

O. Children - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

How strange, there we were pondering again about the chart position of Little Boots (more of that later this afternoon) when we heard someone singing about her previous band Dead Disco. Or rather they we’re singing about a dead disco dancer. But this collective certainly didn’t sound anything like Little Boots .

The group in question are O.Children . They sound like Bahaus, Joy Division and Interpol loaded up with sordid lust. It seems that dark bilious baritones are back. The band claim that they make pop with an edge, but their sound is hardly pop like Girls Aloud or, erm, Little Boots. (Ok, those examples aren't edgy but they are pop). So what do we know about O. Children apart from the obvious fact that they were named after a Nick Cave song ?

Well, O. Children have been in existence for about 18 months having grown out of a previous incarnation that was the ‘legal issues likely’ Bono Must Die. The O.Children sound rummages around in the graveyards of the 80’s which seems to be the route for all indie bands who want to get noticed at the moment. In a way its a shame, because as much as we love many of the sounds from that decade there comes a point where you want to hear something different. And are O Children that different ? Possibly not. So why even blog about them ? Because despite not being that enthused about their music (yet) we think they look good (in a this could almost be a joke but obviously isn't kind of way) in this video - almost like they’re actors brought in to mime to the parts, their bodies not seeming to suit the vocals. They also have a song called Ace Breasts, which is not the kind of thing you would expect from a band from the dark side, and this naughtiness we quite like. The direction of this film seems so obviously influenced by The Horrors recent offerings, although it's unlikely The Horrors would bring in a cavorting underwear clad lady to add to the 'artistry'. So O. Children contrived or genuine ? You decide....

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Anonymous said...

I love that these guys are finally making some headlines seriously not long before they're household names - love it!