Friday, 11 September 2009

Fanfarlo - The Walls Are Coming Down

The Walls Are Coming Down is our favourite song from the Fanfarlo album Reservoir so we are very pleased to see that it is being released as a single. Did you get the album for the $1 download they did a while ago? Surely one of the musical bargains of the year. The Walls Are Coming Down has a swooning, swaying folkiness to it that combined with an uplifting celebratory trumpet sound and an almost Talking Heads styled vocal makes it eminently listenable.

The video features an escapologist escaping from a strait jacket Houdini style above the band. Maybe their next video will feature the band being buried in a pit of earth six feet deep and then trying to play their instruments, just like Houdini’s buried alive piece. What more could you want? Actually, we wouldn’t want this for Fanfarlo, but we could think of several bands we could quite happily see buried alive with little chance of escaping. Talking of which, what has happened to the Pigeon Detectives recently.

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