Tuesday, 8 September 2009

La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy

Today sees the announcement of the Mercury Music prize, and whilst our money is on Florence and the Machine to win, (there that's the kiss of death for Florence) La Roux has to got to be up amongst the acts jostling for the prize as well.

I’m Not Your Toy is the next single to be taken from the debut album and features the strangest and most oddball pool party you’ll probably see this year. Featuring Elly Jackson emerging from the water, floaty blue neon objects and some nonchalant dancing, the video is the moment where future pop goes on a weird electro dream holiday. It may not make much sense, but the look suits the sound - electronic steel drums and snappy beats merging to produce what sounds like yet another hit single. The tune is almost knowingly cheesy - expect to clink cocktails and dance on your sundeck whilst Elly trills about a relationship that is just for show. “Yes it’s all false love and affection, you don’t like me you just want the attention.” Poor lass. We wonder who is getting the most attention now though ?

However, the most important question to ask about the video for I'm Not Your Toy is how does Elly keep her hair like that when she's been underwater?

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