Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Drums - Best Friend (Live)

Since we posted about The Drums and their whistle laden, twangy, bop at the hop debut single Let’s Go Surfing there has been a fair amount of buzz about the band. Just a few days ago The Drums arrived in London town to play their first ever gig outside of the States and only about their twentieth ever. The location was The Flowerpot, Camden - a venue that seems to rapidly becoming one of the best places to see great music for free, you simply turn up and watch, and the band take a cut of the bar profits rather than ticket revenue.

Unfortunately we weren’t at the gig, Southsea Fest in Portsmouth taking priority. However there is some neat You Tube footage of some of the songs the band played, one of which Best Friend we have shown below. It’s worthy of watching even if you don’t have a sound card on your PC/ laptop / phone for the lead singers upright floppy dance moves and the most excitable ‘not quite sure what to do with myself throw myself around legs akimbo’ tambourine playing we have seen for some time. No change that, not for some time, more like ever. Described by the in attendance Boy George as looking like rent boys, the bands have a fresh faced take on catchy bleak pop melodrama that encapsulates many UK new wave bands of the early eighties. The Drums will be back in the UK for a couple of London shows and at the Cardiff Swn Festival appearance at the end of October.

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