Monday, 7 September 2009

Glastonbury and Reading 2009 Litter - The Aftermath

This week Breaking More Waves is off to its last UK summer festival, one of our favourites; Bestival. Whilst we're there we'll be rolling out our DJ alter ego Hojo Hits again to play at the pre Bestival party at Waverley Park in Cowes, Isle Of Wight. For anyone coming expect to hear a fair few tunes from artists we've been blogging about this year.

So whilst we are enjoying the festival, we'll be making sure to clear up after ourselves. This year we have been pleased to see punters making a real effort to keep festival sites clean. At Camp Bestival this year there was only a very small percentage of rubbish left on the site, it gave us some faith in human nature again. However, unfortunately not every festival has done so well. As you can see from the videos below Reading Festival was like a war zone and Glastonbury, a festival that prides itself on its green credentials, looked more like a tip than a field in Somerset. Watch and prepare to be appalled. As the poster states, Glastonbury is now a festival created by people who care, for people who don't.

Breaking More Waves asks that you respect your festival, and have a look here at a new website which is currently being developed.

Here's Glastonbury 2009

And here's a shorter clip of Reading 2009


emmdee said...

Depressing viewing

James said...

Conversely, I left Greenman this year noticing that the campsite was left in a pretty tidy state. Its not that hard to clean after yourselves guys!
Anyway, maybe I'll see you at Bestival Robin =]