Sunday, 6 September 2009

More Little Boots Remedy Chart Gazing....

Yes we’re still Little Boots chart watching. Remedy continues to hold its own in the UK Top 10 singles, just dropping one place to number seven. However despite the heavy discounting of the album - down to five quid on Amazon, Hands can do no better than go up two places to number twenty three. Some would say it isn’t a sprint but a marathon. If this is the case Little Boots is still jogging in amongst the chasing pack. Mind you, better to still be in the running than pulling up kerbside, tired, strained and knackered.

We think we’re done with chart watching now. It's time for us to enjoy the music, irrespective of chart positions.

In the meantime here’s an interview that one of our favourite journalists, the brilliant Paul Morley, carried out a while ago with Little Boots. The interview focuses on synth pioneers Kraftwerk and the world of possibility they created for artists such as herself. This is not your typical “So how does it feel to be nominated as the Sound Of 2009?” interview. Instead it throws some arguments out there to musicians who argue that synths are not ‘real’ instruments and shows the extent of Little Boots electro fetishing geekiness.

Next weekend Little Boots and Kraftwerk both appear on the main stage at Bestival, Isle Of Wight on Saturday. It is going to be a day of sequencing, sampling, modulating heaven. See you down the front (again).

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