Sunday 2 November 2014

Voids - New Waves

When we first heard that Irish duo Voids primary instrument was the bass guitar we expected to hear a pounding lip-curling forcefulness pummelling our earlobes until they throbbed and bled. We didn’t expect the trippy dark and ghostly sounding minimalism that you can hear on their debut EP (suitably titled Begin). Apparently the bass is fed through various effects and a loops before slow motion beats and rhythms are added to combine with the vocals which are provided by Alison, a singer who takes inspiration from the likes of Bjork, Karin Andersson and Chelsea Wolfe. 

Voids music is anti hangover music from the leftfield. If you want something to float away to, their EP (which you can buy as a cassette and digital download from Bandcamp here) is well worth investing in. We're streaming Knowing from the EP below which gives a good taste of what to expect.

Voids - Knowing


Alpo said...

Thank You, loving this already, made my day!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks for digging up this release– thank god there's someone paying attention to bands who fly under most blogs' radar. I'll certainly get it on Bandcamp.