Wednesday 12 November 2014

Chløë Black - 27 Club (Video)

A few weeks ago a lot of new music bloggers (including us) got quite excited about Chløë Black and her song 27 Club, a tune (and what a tune) that sounded like something off Lana Del Rey’s first album sung by Amy Winehouse on a really good day.

Of course, like what seems pretty much virtually every other ‘new’ person in pop these days Chløë’s actually been at it for a while (a quick bit of Google digging finds at least two other past songs and a whole bunch of stuff on You Tube recorded under her previous name) but none of it is of the class of 27 Club which most sites are calling her debut.

Now there’s a video, which people are just dying to see (groan). Apparently  it was filmed in the dead centre of town (groan x2). Apologies for all the grave jokes (OK, we’ll shut up now). It features Chløë and a bunch of dead popstars (obviously a huge budget was used to recreate these popstar ghosts in the most realistic form possible) having a bit of a party round the graves; if you’ve ever been to visit Jim Morrison’s resting place you’ll probably understand the atmosphere that Chløë was trying to create here.

Chløë Black - 27 Club (Video)

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