Thursday 6 November 2014

Laurel - Memorials

We’ve always had a soft spot for Laurel, partially because she’s (relatively) local to Breaking More Waves, partially because we gave her her first bit of Hype Machine blog exposure through the song Next Time, but mainly because everything she’s done since then has connected with us in some way. It’s got to that point where we’re actually a bit nervous when we press play on a new Laurel song just in case she’s made a stinker this time round. 

As far as new song Memorials is concerned, there’s no whiff of mediocrity. Memorials finds Laurel taking her music to a subtler, deeper place. Without wishing or meaning to be patronising the word 'maturity' springs to mind. Prepare yourself for downtempo beats, pulsing electronics that glide in and out of the soundscape and Laurel singing with steely unhurried emotion: “He don’t, he don’t believe me and my young soul is sold to his heart.” It takes her away from those British Lana Del Rey comparisons that keep getting thrown at her and gives Laurel more scope as just being, well…. Laurel. Immerse yourself in this piece of dark addictive pop.

Memorials is taken from a forthcoming EP released in December.

Laurel - Memorials

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