Friday 14 November 2014

Little Boots - Taste It (Video)

We previously posted about how we’d quite like it if Victoria Hesketh, for the promotion of her next album, would get out on the road a little and play a few shows, particularly in Portsmouth or Brighton on the south coast near us, even offering to cook her tea for her or put her up for the night to keep her tour costs down. However, having seen this new video for Taste It we might need to revoke that suggestion. After all if Victoria enjoys a nice glass of red wine (made from blood) or a human foot burger, we’re not really sure if we’d be the right person to cook for her. Pink champagne with an extra pinky anyone? No we thought not.

The video was directed by Ish Sahotay. "Whether it's vanity, money, success, escapism, body image, or more abstract notions, Taste It is about that feeling of always wanting more even if we know it's bad for us,” Little Boots says of the video.

No models were harmed in the making of this colourful Generation Game styled conveyor belt video you'll be pleased to hear.

And one final thought - anyone remember the New In Town video? It seemed very awkward didn't it? This, despite the cannibalism doesn't.

Little Booots - Taste It (Video)

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