Tuesday, 11 November 2014

George Maple - Vacant Space

As we’ve suggested before, if Australian singer George Maple’s music career doesn’t work out we think she has the perfect made up name to head up a waffle / cake and sweet manufacturing company. Mr Kipling your time is up. 

Mind you we can’t imagine the roles being swapped with Mr Kipling singing “It’s better with the lights off, it’s better when you slow down, it’s better when I stop thinking about this. Maybe I’ll put my hair up, maybe I’ll close my eyes, maybe we can find some mutual ground,” as the opening lines to a tune before things start pumping rhythmically. Then the big question arises.  Are you faking it like her? Yes, the subject may be sex, but the reality is that this is a desperately sad piece of music about two people who are no longer suited to each other. Who said that dance tunes were all about partying and putting your hands in the air? There is another side.

Vacant Space is taken from an EP of the same name due out on Future Classic on 1st Dec. According to George’s Facebook Flume helped out with the beats on this one. There's a troubled beauty in the emptiness of Vacant Space.

George Maple - Vacant Space

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