Tuesday 11 November 2014

Her Habits - New Waves

It's not often you come across a new act who provide a visual supplement to the music for you to download with their first track, but that’s exactly what Her Habits, a duo consisting of Joanie Wolkoff and Sanford Livingstone from Brooklyn, have done. “Illustrations of women’s tendencies gathered from a broad spectrum of observers. Some of the accounts were given in infuriation, others in adoration and even more in bewilderment,” is how the introduction to the document describes itself. So we get the woman who dances best alone in her bedroom, the woman who adjusts her hair when she knows you’re watching her and the woman who will not part ways with childhood favourites amongst others. You can download it here

Then there’s the music, just one song so far, which we found thanks to Indie Shuffle. Slip Away is an airy and floaty blend of electronic pop with a soft focus ambience. It should come wrapped in cotton wool or clouds. It’s not Joanie’s first effort though having created music previously as Safra Nikoto and in the duo Foxe Basin with the suspiciously named Kent Rockafeller, who according to Indie Shuffle is actually Sanford as well. But Her Habits marks a new style of music for the pair. If you’re in the mood for something light and chilled to drift away to, this will do nicely.

You can download Slip Away for free from Soundcloud.

Her Habits - Drift Away

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