Monday 10 November 2014

Broods - L.A.F (Video)

It seems like at the moment you’re not allowed to write anything about music without somehow shoe horning Taylor Swift in to the conversation, so we’ll just jump right on that bandwagon and add our two pence worth. Here we go: (Hold on we’ll get to Broods)

Taylor Swift’s album 1989 is a very good pop album. The best way we can describe it is well-crafted, at worst it’s formulaic. It’s got at least 7 or 8 potential singles on it, maybe 9 at a push and even the filler is nearly all way better than most. It’s almost as if Taylor has been listening to every hit commercial pop single by the likes of Katy Perry and Rihanna and the like plus quite a lot of the pop that is sometimes commercial and sometimes isn’t such as Chvrches, Robyn, MØ and Femme, as well as quite a lot of older pop that was commercially successful then but isn’t often celebrated these days such as Toni Basil and Debbie Gibson. Why do we mention this in connection to New Zealand’s Broods? Because as much as we’re enjoying Taylor’s album and it will probably find a place in our end of year lists, we’re enjoying another pop album, that of Broods, even more.

From that album Evergreen comes L.A.F and a new video. We assume L.A.F doesn’t in this case stand for liquid ass fire as urban dictionary suggests. This one starts a bit lusty (“kissing in the hallway, turn off the lights”) but then seems to turn into some zombie-movie inspired vision (“blood hits the pavement from your eyes”). Best of all however are the parts where Georgia sings “but I’ve got you,” or specifically the “you” part of the song. You’ll see what we mean when you hear it. Georgia wins the award for best singing of the word ‘you’ in a pop song in 2014.

Other points to note – there’s some marvellous orange squeezing in this video, Innocent Smoothies and the like would not be happy with that waste. There’s also plenty of neon. 

What does the video all mean? No idea, but we’re pretty sure if Taylor Swift had made it there would already be a thousand think pieces on line about it.

Broods - L.A.F (Video)

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