Monday 10 November 2014

Sophie Jamieson - Take

Life is a bit shite sometimes isn’t it? Particularly when it comes to relationships. Sometimes you think that you mean the world to someone and then somewhere further down the line you’re kicked into touch. With these thoughts we’re pleased to welcome back to the fray Sophie Jamieson, who we definitely haven’t ditched, with a new song called Take.

Take is the last bitter and desperate plea not to be cast aside. “Surely you could keep me,” Sophie sings with a mournful and deep intensity. She explains the song further here: “It explores the irrational, angry unacceptance of realising your insignificance. Beneath the unacceptance is an awareness of giving in at last. The pleas are in vain and melodramatic. The song is all the hurt that has bottled up, being released fully and finally and aggressively.” 

To match these themes, the music matches the what-about-me sadness, with the thud of the drums and chiming guitars driving home a melancholic atmosphere. 

Enjoying others bitterness or sadness is not a particularly nice thing to do, but in this case we think it’s OK to at least immerse yourself in the song and get something out of it.

Take is released on the 8th December.

Sophie Jamieson - Take

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