Friday, 24 October 2014

Troves - New Waves

“How did you find them?” is a question that music bloggers sometimes get asked. Often the answer is fairly boring. “I got an email about them from their representatives.” However, one of our favourite ways of discovery is still the old fashioned method of stumbling across a band on the bottom of the bill in a small club being watched by just a handful of people. So it was with Brighton’s Troves. With a smug 'we're-so-on-it' smile we made a note to feature them here on Breaking More Waves, way before anyone else had discovered them, or so we thought.

One quick world wide web search later showed that the internet was already way ahead of us. Debut track Youth In Decay already has over 20,000 plays on Soundcloud and 16 Hype Machine listed blogs have featured the tune. Huw Stephens has played them on Radio 1. We obviously haven’t been paying attention – maybe because we’ve been out at too many gigs.

So here are Troves. A three-piece, two boys, one girl. In the live form they manage to do moody melancholy and big euphoria all in the same breath, or at least the same song. In recorded form their sound is a little more subtle with references to  80’s swizzling synth pop. Alongside the likes of Royal Blood, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Salt Ashes, Fickle Friends and Black Honey (more on Black Honey later today), Troves confirm that Brighton continues to be a hotbed of diverse and exciting artists although because of the internet, there's an argument that their location really doesn't matter anymore, does it? 

See them next on the 18th Nov at The Hope in Brighton or on the 19th at The Lexington in London.

Troves - Youth In Decay (Video)

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