Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Laura Doggett - Moonshine (Video)

So here we go with Laura Doggett (again) as the video for Moonshine makes it way to our eyes and ears. Here we find Laura journeying through a forest where someone seems to have left a dry ice and wind machine on whilst some tattooed hunk stares meaningfully out of a window. Then as things progress Laura gets down to smashing up some logs with an axe ( we assume for the fire that is then shown) – maybe she’s trying a bit of one-upmanship  on the hunk. “Look I can sing incredibly and smash logs- what can you do with your muscular topless body and tattoos except stare through the window like a puppy as if you’re deep and meaningful, whilst actually you’re pretty vacant.” There’s also a very big moon (obviously), a glass pyramid (not so obvious) and Laura floating above the ground (not a clue on this one). It’s rather like an episode of Doctor Who in so far as we’re pretty sure it all means something, but sometimes it’s all just a bit confusing, but who cares, because it looks great and that’s half the aim with visual art isn’t it? But then what would we know, we’re ‘employed’ for our musical ‘expertise’, nothing else. If someone could explain it all we'd be extremely grateful, thank you.

Laura Dogget - Moonshine (Video)

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