Sunday, 12 October 2014

Elliott Power - On The Windrush (Video)

Elliot Power seems to have finally gotten over his publicity shyness as we can now see what the man looks like (or at least we assume that's him in the picture above) and with it comes some new music. On The Windrush is a weirdly hypnotic track with a slightly sinister edge to it. Released through Marathon Artists on November 17th the tune finds Power capturing some of the spirit of past techno masters Underworld with his near whispered lyrics fired scattergun into the depths of Dorian Lutz’s rambling repetitive electronica and beats. Then just as you think it’s all over the track jumps back in for a quick dreamier second go. 

The nearly all black and white video which was directed by Sam Pilling (The Weeknd, Drake, Two Door Cinema Club) is set in an area of industrial wasteland and features a rather odd looking chap who looks like he’s plugged himself into the electricity supply for a little too long. 

Elliott Power's debut album is due for release next year. Alongside previous tracks such as Sink / Swim (sadly now removed from Soundcloud) it seems like it could be quite an absorbing listen.

Elliot Power - On The Windrush (Video)

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