Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Golden Fable - Breathe In (Video)

Following on from the ‘celestially dirty’ (our words) Armour, Golden Fable follow up quickly with Breathe In, the title track from a new EP released on 27th October prior to the release of the band’s second album Ancient Blue on the 10 November through Full Of Joy Records. The EP will feature this song plus three other non LP tracks. 

Breathe In finds the band in robust form, displaying a more intense alt-rock sound than ever before, the delivery of which contrasts well with Rebecca’s angelic vocals, creating a palette of musical passion and beauty to lose yourself in.

The video to accompany the song features some underwater escapology, a life-saving moment and just at the end something quite sinister it’s all interwoven in a rather clever way with a performance by the band.

If you haven’t pre-ordered the album yet, shame on you. Do it now from here where you can grab the EP as well.

Golden Fable - Breathe In (Video)

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