Thursday, 9 October 2014

D/C - The Fall

Five facts about D/C:

1. He played some cello on the song Blame It On Me on the George Ezra album.

2. He’s currently on tour with The Neighbourhood.

3. There’s a second EP on the way to follow up the  excellent Epiphany EP which featured the likes of Devil On My Shoulder and Daughter, Daughter both of which streamed on Breaking More Waves.

4. The new D/C EP shouldn’t be confused with the forthcoming AC/DC album, which is a very different thing indeed.

5. Initials are the thing here though as The Fall, a new song from D/C is produced by ADP. We’d like to think that when they were in the studio together they called each other by these initials and not their real names. 

Oh, we guess we’d better talk about the music. Press play and you’ll hear D/C’s distinctive gritty soul voice and lush late night electronics. It’s a track to feel as much as hear, full of mood setting ambience and soothing subtleties – a definite 3am track.

D/C - The Fall

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