Tuesday 7 October 2014

The Staves - Open

If there’s one concept in music discussion and writing we dislike immensely it’s the concept of ‘real music / real musicians / real people.’ We really couldn’t give the slightest toss about how the music has been created or who has created it, as long as it moves us or engages in some way. 

The Staves are one of those bands that are probably are a ‘real music’ fan’s wet dream. They're all hugely talented, write and play their own songs, and do so with so-called ‘real’ instruments. They’re even partial to the odd swear word on stage and their banter in between songs is positively ‘human’ and ‘normal’. They’re probably not the sort of group who will play a gig standing behind some laptops, twiddling a few knobs whilst bashing some sort of electronic sampler shouting 'let me see your hands in the air London'. 

Just for a moment imagine that the new album from the Staves was called In Da Club and featured collaborations with Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Daft Punk. If it was it would probably provoke the same sort of reaction as when Dylan went electric. 

On the basis of new song Open, which follows the well-received Blood I Bled fans of ‘real-music’ needn’t panic; and the rest of us, who don’t care if music is created by robots or humans as long as it grabs us in some way can rest easy as well. The reason?  Because Open is a silky gorgeous piece of folk pop. Let your ears bathe in its deliciously dreamy harmonies, gentle guitar picking and graceful melodies. The song is from the forthcoming Blood I Bled EP, which is available to pre-order now (here) on digital format as well as ‘real’ formats such as vinyl and CD. So everyone's a winner.

The Staves - Open

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