Monday 6 October 2014

Maty Noyes - New Waves

Here’s some statistics, not that statistics matter once you’ve listened to the music, but in this day and age where ‘success’ seems to measured by an unhealthy obsession with You Tube views, hits, likes, numbers of streams and suchlike, sometimes it’s good to document the numbers and then come back to them at some point in the future. It’s a bit like marking your child’s height on the edge of a door and then comparing a few years later and cackling that horrible obvious thing that all relatives say: “My, haven’t you grown.” 

Our statistics today relate to a ‘new’ artist called Maty Noyes (we presume her surname is pronounced ‘noise’ not ‘no yes') who is out of Mississippi. We use the word ‘new’ advisedly as the one song on her Soundcloud has been up on line for over a year, so new is all relative, but here’s the statistics that certainly make her new to our senses:

She has just 10 followers on Soundcloud. One of them is this very blog. Will you be next?

The one song she has on her Soundcloud account has had just 530 plays. There's another excerpt of a track floating round called Like Crazy which is a string laden torch song with a twang of country music about it, which is rather magnificent, but that's on another account (you can hear it here)

She has 0 You Tube views (because there’s nothing uploaded to her account) although it appears that there were some videos there once which have now been removed.

There are four of her songs on Spotify (in the UK at least) from a 2013 EP. We suspect that like the You Tube streams these songs may soon disappear, because that’s what tends to happen when an artist signs a music industry deal, which it seems that Maty has done, in the U.S at least. She's joining a stable over there that includes Breaking More Waves favourites Lorde, Jetta and The Royal Concept.

Ok, that's enough statistics. Now to the music. Love Is Not My Thing, the track on her Soundcloud, is a dirty, stomping, fiery rock pop song with some added orchestration that possesses at least a little of the spirit of acts such as Alanis Morrisette and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. We can imagine Maty singing this one whilst curling her top lip Billy Idol style and a video that involves her punching the air with her fist quite a bit. Oh and it has a proper ending rather than some terrible radio fade out. 

Maty Noyes - Love Is Not My Thing

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Mia Nickels said...

I think Maty is here to STAY.