Monday, 6 August 2012

Unicorn Kid - Need U (Video)

What were you doing exactly three years ago today?

One of the advantages of writing a music blog is that we have a chronological record via the blog to help us remember.It means we can peer into the abyss of the internet and see what we and some of our blogging peer group were listening to back in the day.

For example on the 6th August 2009     

Three years on exactly and we’re posting a new single by Unicorn Kid. If nothing else, you can say that we’re consistent. There’s often an argument that music blogs are too driven by buzz, to desperate to find the next big thing. For us, although we like to be at the forefront of delivering emerging artists to your viewing platform of choice, it’s just as important to continue to remind you of the artists that we adore. Hence once gain we have some Unicorn Kid for you.

Need U, which isn’t released till 1 October, has a massive hands in the air old-school rave flavour to it and a mad 180-degree camera rotation arcade game style video. Some people think he’s bonkers, but we just think he’s free, he’s just living his life, there’s nothing that crazy about him. Get a bunch of friends together, put Need U on as the sun is setting and all go stupid loved up crazy to this.

Unicorn Kid's debut album will be released later this year. R U Ready ?

Unicorn Kid - Need U (Video)

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