Monday, 6 August 2012

The Hall of Mirrors - Maybe (Video)

The Hall of Mirrors songs are not just dripped in retro wistfulness but positively washed in it and there’s no better example than Maybe. It’s like the sad reflective moment in a long lost black and white musical where we find lead singer Jessica wiping away a solitary tear and lamenting the fact that maybe she does love the man she’s let go after all. So what does she do? Maybe give him a call on his mobile perhaps, or send him a text or email to explain her feelings? No Jessica’s world of romance is so old fashioned that she sings “I’ll write a letter to show my pain, I’ll post it in the morning.” Let’s just hope that she doesn’t post it second class, because if she does she might find that her potential suitor has already got himself shacked up with another sexy young filly by then.

Whatever the outcome of Jessica’s letter, the song itself is cooingly lovely. Originally from The Hall of Mirrors Love Child EP released earlier this year, Maybe has been given a new video treatment which you can see below.

The Hall of Mirrors - Maybe

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