Sunday, 19 August 2012

Rachel Sermanni - Waltz (Video)

We’d like to apologise. You see we’ve been a bit two faced about you on Breaking More Waves. We tipped you as one of our Ones To Watch last December and then in January suggested that we were ready to declare our undying love for you

Since then. Nothing. We haven’t featured you on the blog at all. It would probably be fair to say that we’re the online music version of a slapper – running off with other women (and men) for our own instant gratification and never giving you a second thought. Mind you that's what many of us bloggers are like you see - we get into your musical bed, romp around a bit and then move on. 

So we’d like to doth our hat and apologise Rachel. For it was never meant to be this way. And now you have a debut album ready to roll. It’s released on September 17 and is called Under The Mountains. So if you accept our apology, we’d like to feature you again, with your new video for the song Waltz. An utterly beguiling and beautiful piece of music; one of those just stop everything and listen songs.

Love Breaking More Waves xx

Rachel Sermanni - Waltz (Video)

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